Eco-Sound company offers to organizations and individuals the service of booking Artists and Dj’s. We find and deliver Artists and Dj’s to the client’s event place.

How to book an Artist?

It is very simple: all you need to do is just correctly fill the order form below. After getting an order our representative will contact you.

Please provide us with the most detailed information of the character of your event. The sums of payment for Artists and Dj’s are different for private, club and corporate events.

Write the exact date of your event. Prices in Weekdays are usually lower than on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Write the exact address of event place.

Also please write the quantity of the guests expecting for your event.

Your comments: depending on your music tastes, wishes and on your budget we will choose an ideal repertory for your event.


The final price of your order will be known only after the discussion with you of all the details of the event and having conversation with the Artist/Dj about his future work.

To avoid any kinds of misunderstanding Eco-Sound company work with customers with prepayment after the agreement is signed.  The size of prepayment can be from 50 to 100%. Making the prepayment in time guarantee the delivering of the Artist/Dj to your event exactly when is required.

Longstanding professional work experience with foreign and russian Artists/Dj’s of Eco-Sound company staff provides the high quality of our work and taken liabilities.