Description of the sound


HK Elements- one of the best of nowadays music scalable line array systems for the audience of 500 people and is the best solution for any event!

Depending on the format and aims of the event the components of the HK Audio Elements system can be put together in different combinations specially for any situation. For your event you can choose only 2 elements for having calm music background or take the full system for a powerful Dj-gig.

Whatever task you have the Elements will do It qicker, easier and with less space then ever before: the minimal size of the system components will be almost invisible on the stage or at some venue and the creative construction will provide the space with the required sound distribution. Connection of HK Audio Elements can be done very easily and fast: It can be done just after the elements are set in necessary sequence. Also the way of the system connection - E-connect- is perfectly fit to any decorations: the quipment looks very modern and elegant.

What can be added? The system has a perfect match of Its components: mechanic, electric and acoustic, the sound of the system is really powerful and clear and produce everything you expect of It.

If you choose for your event HK Elements, offering by Eco-Sound company, you will always be pleased with the result!

Eco-Sound company - the new wave of clear sound!