“Eco-sound” company offers to rent the first line-array scalable high-class acoustic system HK Elements

No matter what kind of event you are planning to organize – a great one for a big amount of people or a private party –HK Audio Elements system has elements which can be connected for any format of event. The main advantage of this system is the perfect combination of mechanic, electric and acoustic parts of it at the same time. You need to connect only 2 components to have a comfort music background and use the full set to make a high-power base for dj’s performance. But whatever you would like to organize the elements of the system will accomplish the task quicker, easier and with more space economy, than any other sound equipment. Elements are completely adapted to your desires.

At any time at any place.

Without compromises.

HK Elements is a powerful Hi-End system for a corporate evening today, comfortable set-up for evening event tomorrow or appropriate music system for a crazy wedding at the weekend. It is enough to have only 6 elements to build the best solution for any situation.

You will find the secret of the music part of your event in the combination of ultra-modern line array technology and perfect technical and organizational background of “Eco-sound” company staff.

Depending on the results you want to achieve you can add some additional equipment to the music system: audio board, radio microphones, vocal effect processor, dj’s equipment and etc.

We have special discounts for agencies!