The exhibition "Dark & Light" of artist Yuri Grigorian

Eco-Sound has provided a minimum set of sound equipment HK Elements for the opening of the exhibition in the walls of the library of arts. A.P. Bogolyubov. The organizer of the project of the exhibition of the famous Moscow artist, photographer Yury Grigoryan-junior was the Art-Alliance gallery. The exhibition consisted of two parts interconnected: a dark space turns into a light one, thus shading each work and focusing on the main thing - the thoughts laid by the artist. According to the organizers of the exhibition, if you wish, you can, as they say, try to walk in the shoes of Yuri and build an internal dialogue with the painting that has touched a living thing. Thus, the canvases begin to literally sound, the distance between the canvas and the viewer is erased, becoming part of his inner world. The soundtrack to the exhibition was the compositions of the group Depeche Mode, mixed by DJ Extra.

Photo report